Calendar Design
Client Brief | Teamwork
Full Fact is a team of independent fact checkers and campaigners who find, expose and counter the harm that bad information does. It is a registered charity and depends on thousands of individual donors to support its work. The goal was to create merchandise that can be featured in Full Fact’s shop. The artwork/product should encourage the idea that more people can be a part of Full Fact’s work - challenging others to think twice about the information they are presented with, and creatively challenge perceptions of what the consumer sees.
APPROACH | As a team of 5 creatives, we designed Calendars (physical and digital) to be featured in the Full Fact merchandise shop. As a graphic designer, my role was to design the layout of the physical calendar and make sure we followed the brand guidelines.
OUTCOME | In the physical calendar, each month has a pull-out panel which reveals an interesting fact check by Full Fact. The facts were corrected and published in their respective months or related to an event in that month. The digital calendar follows the same monthly fact system, allowing the user to customise it.

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