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University Project Brief | Individual Work
Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) is an international organisation which provides medical assistance to people affected by conflicts, epidemics or disasters.
The project objective was to use digital media/technology to effectively communicate the message, “donate £2/month to MSF” and engage a specific audience.
I created an interactive web experience which engages the audience with a game, followed by a persuading message to donate to the organisation. Simple, fun yet informative. Specially created for school children taking the bus to commute to school every day in London.
Scan the QR code on your phone from the bus stand advert

The QR code will lead you to the web game page. The game has different scenarios which are handled by MSF such as natural disasters, endemics, pandemics and conflicts. Every time the audience plays the game, the scenario changes which allows them to play the game more than just once. The audience is supposed to collect all medical resources needed to rescue people in the given scenario. The game is just a few seconds long and easy to play (just tap on the screen to jump). It’s a quick method to get the audience’s attention before providing any information regarding MSF and donations.

This button directly takes you to the MSF website donation page. Here the audience can see how their money will make a difference and can proceed to donate.

This is an extra fun bit added to engage the audience and further spread the message. They can take a selfie and share it with friends online to spread the message.

This button allows the audience to share the organisation's donate page link with family and friends. Especially considering the fact they would be kids under 18 and may not be able to donate themselves.

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